We have arrived at the end of a common journey; an end that is nothing other than an ever new beginning.

Whoever has completed the entire course will have experienced in one way or another something of the inner dynamic of the spiritual journey.  During the original course we discussed in small groups the reasons why so many vital experiences were made especially by those participants who had practiced regular quiet periods of prayer over a long time.  From that it became clear to us what was said at the beginning of the course (see "experiences with God").

1. It makes a difference if we take something into ourselves only by reading and listening or  if we practice that regularly ourselves.

2. It makes a difference if we advance linearly by degrees in a spiritual learning process  (adding one insight to the other, so to speak) or if we linger meditating on a matter over a  longer period of time repeating an experience again and again from different perspectives  and allowing it thereby to enter our depths.

3. It makes a difference, if we allow ourselves to be concerned in our daily prayer time with  new and different biblical materials ( like regular prayers or a Bible reading plan), or if we  engage ourselves thoroughly in the inner dynamic of a journey which takes us along and  leads us on step by step.

Certainly, there must be significant reasons for these experiences.  We should not underestimate them.  However, we should not see the main reason for these experiences only in terms of methods.  The spiritual life in whatever form it develops is always the work of the Holy Spirit.  We need to pray to the Holy Spirit so that we expose ourselves to the Spirit's work.  And that is exactly what each one has done who has committed themselves to regular time for God in prayer and meditation through these many weeks of participation in this course.  Perhaps God has been waiting a long time for that.
We return to what was said at the beginning in the introduction.  It is up to us to prepare the soil.  However, the seed comes from God and it is God alone who makes it possible for the seed to grow and blossom and for the fruit to ripen.
We thank God for everything that we have been given.  And to all of you who have engaged in this effort and believe that you are sent everyday into this world of ours renewed, I want to request of you: Let us pray for one another so that we do not preach to others and ourselves be disqualified  (I Cor. 9:27).

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